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Welcome to Twelve Stones Christian Academy (TSCA)!  We successfully launched our first school year in the Fall of 2017 with the assistance of Answers in Genesis and Renewanation and are looking forward to partnering with like minded Christian families as we seek to train the next generation of kids for Christ. 

We are in an age where Christianity is under attack and secularism (e.g., big bang, millions of years, evolution, atheism, moral relativism) is dominant in our culture. Sadly, many young people are leaving the church because they are influenced by secular humanism in schools, media, museums, peers, and even some church leaders! Statistics reveal that about two out of every three kids in church homes are walking away from the faith as young as middle school and high school age and very few returning. By and large, a child has developed their worldview by the age of 13.

Something needs to be done and Twelve Stones Christian Academy is one step in that process to help overcome this sad situation.  Research has shown that one of the significant reasons for this exodus from the church by the youth is the lack of apologetics (defending the faith) teaching in our homes, churches, and Christian institutions.  TSCA is striving to help stem the tide of this catastrophic problem. We address subject material from a biblical authority perspective with a high academic standard, apologetically defend the faith, and help build a truly biblical worldview in the coming generations.

We teach kids the facts in different subject areas, but we also teach them how to think (logic courses). We use apologetics courses to supplement their Bible instruction and teach them how to defend their faith effectively. In other words, we integrate biblical worldview and apologetics into each area—math, science, history, literature and so forth.

We do not shy away from what the world teaches, but we show the faults in the secular worldview as part and parcel of our scope and sequence.  At the same time, we come along side parents to help educate children on these difficult subjects while teaching critical thinking skills. Furthermore, we walk a very careful line to remain outside of many denominational issues so that local churches can train their respective students without the school stepping on their doctrinal toes.  This win-win scenario is beneficial to both local churches and parents alike.  Thus, TSCA is a non-denominational school.   

We hope to hear from you soon to partner with us in this unique school that stands on biblical authority with an emphasis on apologetics and biblical worldview training!


Join with us for our 2019-2020 school year!


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Twelve Stones Christian Academy is located in
Northern Kentucky. 

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TSCA will be an instrument to assist parents in teaching their students biblically, academically, morally, spiritually, and relationally.

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