Why Support Twelve Stones Christian Academy? 

TSCA is a unique Christian endeavor formed to help parents train up the next generation with a Christian worldview. The academy’s formation arose out of a deep desire to raise up godly generations who know how to defend the Christian faith and deal with the obvious need in our culture to combat the secular onslaught aimed at our children.  Kids today are drilled with evolution, millions of years, secular morality, homosexuality, gender dysphoria, lusts, and many other sinful practices. Where do most Christian children learn these things? From much of the media, public education, secular museums, and sadly to one degree or another even certain churches. 

About 90% of kids from church homes attend secular schools, and many parents would love to see their children trained to develop a truly Christian philosophy in every area. An increasing number of parents are crying out for an institution that excels in both academics and Christian education, with a focus on apologetics and biblical creation.

This school’s mission is to counter false teaching and train the kids to be disciples of Christ from the very first verse of Scripture so they will be prepared for the world’s attacks (Ephesians 6:10-20), able to contend for the faith (Jude 3), equipped with answers to skeptical questions (1 Peter 3:15),  and be witnesses for the gospel in the world (Matthew 28:16-20). But we need your help.

Tuition is kept nominal for students ($5900 per year) and this includes most fees (field trips, special speakers, labs, etc.), with the exception of the application fee ($150). Even with this low tuition cost, we still require donations to help the school continue with its mission. We ask for you to please be in prayer for the school and to consider becoming a regular donor to help us in this vital mission to the coming generations. One-time donations are also greatly appreciated. 

This is a list of current needs for your prayerful consideration:

a.  Due to the fact we are moving into a new facility to rent for the upcoming school year beginning in 2018 (at Erlanger Baptist                   Church), we are in need of these items: All classroom furniture - desks, chairs, white boards, bookshelves, screens, lockers, bulletin           boards, and so on.
b.  Chrome Laptops for typing and computer program skills
c.  Scholarship fund – to help those that are in need of assistance financially for Christian education
d.  Funds for the general fund to be used where necessary

As the school grows, we pray we will be able to procure our own facilities as the Lord leads us.

As Twelve Stones Christian Academy is a relatively new startup school (established August 2017), we are praying the Lord will bring people alongside us for prayer and financial support as we continue this step of faith to fulfill the intense burden the Lord has placed on our hearts.

All gifts to Twelve Stones Christian Academy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Gifts given to a specific program will be used for that program. You can donate using your credit card or ACH through the below "donate" button. If you would like your donation to go to a specific need, please write that need in the message box. If you have items to donate, please call(859) 334-0673 or email [email protected] Thank you!