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Miss Melanie Walter

Kindergarten Teacher

B.S. in Elementary Education, Clarks Summit University

 "As a Christian educator, I desire to show my students Christ and His truth and love in all that I do and teach.  I want my students to realize that the process of learning cannot only be fun, but that it can also provide opportunities to grow closer to the Lord.  I count it a great privilege to be an educator of children and to have the opportunity to have such a significant impact on their lives.  My greatest desire is to impact individuals for Christ so that they can then impact the world around them."

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Miss Esther byer

3rd and 4th Grade Teacher

B.A. in Elementary Education, God's Bible College

"Every morning on my way to work, I thank God for letting me do my dream job, which is teaching! I love working with children and teaching them the value of loving God and loving learning. I am passionate about training students to be educated Christians, and making learning fun in the process."


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Mrs. Suellen Button

5th Grade Teacher

M.A. in Intercultural Studies
B.M. in Church Music, Campbellsville University
A.A. in Music Education, Wallace State Community

"Learning is a gift from God. We were created in His image with abilities to learn so many things. As Christians, we should strive to know more about God through the Bible. I consider it a great responsibility to teach in a way that brings glory to God and leads others to a closer relationship with Him."


 Miss Jennifer bass

6th - 9th Grade History

B.S. in Secondary Education (History/English), Pensacola Christian College
M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction

"I want to help parents give their children a biblical worldview. I want to help create a generation that can stand up and defend Christianity. I believe in the all-powerful God of the Bible, the God who created and redeemed the world. I cannot teach children outside of this worldview. I grew up in public school, and I know what they teach. Modern secular schools teach history from a humanistic worldview which tries to deify man’s skills and abilities while simultaneously telling him that he is an accident. An animal. Matter with no purpose. I cannot be a part of an institution that views mankind this way. Instead, I teach my students that they were made in the image of God (Gn 1:27), that they have fallen (Gn 3:6), but God loved them so much that He would not live without them. He sent His Son to save them from themselves (Jn 3:16). Then I get the amazing privilege of showing them God’s redemptive hand throughout the pages of history (Jl 1:3). This makes everyday exciting and everyday important.”



Mr. David Kalfas

6th - 9th Grade Math 

B.A. in Mathematics, Northern KY University

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Mrs. Lindsay Finley

K - 8th Grade Music and Art Teacher
9th Grade Fine Arts Teacher

M.A. in Music Education, Western Kentucky University
B.M. in Music Education, Western Kentucky University

"After teaching in the public school system for 14 years, I have observed the importance of raising and educating our children with a Biblical worldview. As a music and art teacher, I want to provide my students the opportunity to bring glory and praise to our Lord through the arts. I am so excited to be at TSCA this year and look forward to sharing the arts with my students!"

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Dr. Kristin Bird

Education Specialist

Ph.D. Curriculum & Instructional Leadership, North Central University
M.A. Elementary Education, University of Pittsburgh
B.A. Fine Performing Arts/Biology (Pre-Med), Chatham College

"As an educator, I am committed to excellence and to being passionately Christ-centered in everything I do. I love Christian education because of the profound impact it has on the hearts and minds of children.   My greatest passion is working with schools and teachers to support and cheer them on as they intentionally disciple students, speaking Biblical truth into students’ lives and helping them become more like Christ."

Proverbs 22:6- “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

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Mrs. Renee Hodge


BSN, Bob Jones Univeristy

Renee was instrumental in bringing together the individuals who set in motion what is now Twelve Stones Christian Academy. She has been intricately involved in the day to day operations from the very beginning and has accepted to stay on as the permanent Administrator.

"Leaving a godly legacy is arguably the most important thing a parent can do for their children. This is what has motivated me to help bring TSCA to a reality - not only for my children, but for all the parents out there looking for a gospel-centered, biblical worldview education with academic excellence which seeks to equip our children with the full armor of God. Only then will they be ready to defend their faith and be great witnesses for the Lord in today's increasingly secular culture!"