New student enrollment fee:

  • $150 per student (non-refundable) if application is received on or before June 15th.

  • $200 per students (non-refundable) if application is received after June 15th.

Re-enrollment fee: $100 per student/year (non-refundable) 

Lab fee for high school: $150 per student

Tuition Rates

  • Half-day Kindergarten: $3700

  • Full-day Kindergarten: $5995

  • Grades 1–9: $5995

tuition Discounts

  • Sibling discounts: The oldest child will be considered the first child for full cost. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th child will each receive an additional $500 discount.

    • First child: $5995

    • Second child: $5495

    • Third child: $4995

    • Fourth child and beyond: $4495

  • Payment in full discount: if the tuition is paid in full by the first month it is due, there will be a 5% discount.

For a copy of our financial policies: Download

Open enrollment begins March 1st

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