It is the role of every Christian educator to shape the worldview of their students using the Bible as the authoritative guide. The teachers at Twelve Stones Christian Academy (TSCA)  teach all subjects from a biblical-worldview perspective and challenge students to think critically and biblically about every academic subject. The curriculum for TSCA is carefully chosen by our curriculum committee. They ensure that it is grounded in Scripture, apologetically sound, and academically rigorous. TSCA will not use secular textbooks.


Many of the textbooks used at TSCA are published by BJU Press. We appreciate their biblical worldview stance and their consistency to look at each subject based on Creation, the Fall, and Redemption. In other words, these textbooks repeatedly look at subject material like literature, science, history, and so forth from a biblical viewpoint especially in light of the Creation Mandate, the Fall, and Redemption. This is especially important regarding science and history where the world is constantly attacking children with the false humanistic history of big bang, millions of years, and evolution. 

TSCA also supplements with Answers in Genesis and Master Books material which take a strong stance on the authority of Scripture.  

As kids learn the true history of what happened according to God's Word, they are better able to spot these common false claims and discern why they are wrong. These textbooks will also give students a chance to understand the nature of God and to have a deeper understanding of the world God designed for us that has been sadly marred by sin.